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Friday Spotlight: Sign-up Parties March 13, 2009

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Wine lovers will be in heaven for this all-day trip to Byington Vineyard & Winery in Los Gatos aboard the Dreyer’s Rocky Road Bus. This sign-up party is scheduled for Saturday, July 25, costs $35 per person, and takes up to 32 people.

You’ll meet the bus in the parking lot of Sequoia in the morning, and travel the one-and-a-half hour trip into the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains. Box lunches, chilled wine and cold drinks will be available on the bus, so you can sit back and relax as you approach Byington.

You’ll be treated to a tasting of five wines during this exclusive tour of their beautiful winery, which will include the vineyard, crush area, production area and stunning storage cave. The tour also includes their 18,ooo-foot, Italian-style villa, sloping vineyards and gorgeous vistas of redwood forests and the Monterey Bay. The Rocky Road bus will drive you home after a relaxing day of wine tasting with friends, so bring a friend or family member along for this special day!

Donated by: Byington Vineyard & Winery, and Black Tie Transportation

Please note that all of our sign-up parties are open to all Sequoia parents, their family and friends who would like to participate! Look for sign-ups at Preview Day and at the Auction.


Spotlight: Sign-up Parties March 12, 2009

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Our fantastic Sign-up Party Coordinator, Michele Bautista, has put together seven great parties open for sign-up at both Preview Day (3/20) and the Auction (3/28). Here’s how they work.

Each party has a theme, and a limited number of spots available at a set price. By signing up for that party, you are purchasing your spot (or your child’s spot) for that party.  Grab a friend, your spouse, or a group of friends, and decide which parties you’d like to go to this year. All parties are hosted by Sequoia families … we’re anxious to see which ones will be the big hits!


Hit the local San Francisco pubs with old and new friends from Sequoia. Enjoy touring SF in an open-top double-decker English bus, which will transport you from pub to pub.  The event will be Saturday, June 6, from 7-11 p.m. Everyone will meet at the Embarcadero Station at 7:00, where the bus will pick you up … cheers!

Donated by: Christian Watts’ company City Sightseeing


City Sightseeing double-decker bus


PHE parents enjoy their Pub Crawl party in 2008


More great stuff to bid on … March 11, 2009

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Here are the latest classroom projects you can put on your wish list for Auction Preview Day (Friday, March 20, 2:45-6:00) and Auction night.  More to come here in the days to follow …

Grapevine platter (front)

Grapevine platter (front)



Class: Mrs. Clack
Project Coordinator: Kim Barentsen

This large oval tray is really gorgeous … against a cream background are painted grapevine clusters and leaves. The back features the names of all the kids in Mrs. Clack’s class this year.

Stepping stone (one of a set of three) from Mrs. Murphy's class

Stepping stone (one of a set of three) from Ms. Shedore's class

Class: Ms. Shedore
Project coordinator: Gregory Vasgerdsian

Create a sweet garden path with this set of three mosaic stepping stones created with the help of Ms. Shedore’s first grade class. This set is bright and cheery and features the names of all the kids.


More class projects March 9, 2009

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Golden Gate Bridge painting by Mrs. Feinberg's brother, Sam Frankel, and her 2nd grade class

Golden Gate Bridge painting by Mrs. Feinberg's brother, Sam Frankel, and her 2nd grade class

Class: Mrs. Feinberg
Coordinator: Mrs. Feinberg and Sam Frankel

Every year, Mrs. Feinberg’s brother, Sam Frankel, leads a group painting session with her first grade class, and the results are always a huge hit at the Auction. This year’s project features the Golden Gate Bridge and is beautiful enough to hang in your living room. The acrylic painting was designed and created under the direction of Sam,who says the students “followed the flow” to paint this one-of-a-kind piece. As you can see, the results are just fantastic!   Please note: this item will be part of the Live Auction.

Colorful Self-Portrait Quilt

Colorful Self-Portrait Quilt by Mrs. Kehr's 3rd grade class

Class: Mrs. Kehr
Coordinators:  Eva King & Janis Baldwin

This beautiful handmade quilt features a self portraits by each child in Mrs. Kehr’s class. The pinwheel design is highlighted by reds, browns, yellows and greens, and the entire quilt is bordered in a bright turquoise blue. This gorgeous labor of love was put together by Mrs. Kehr’s students, and Eva King and Janis Baldwin, and measures 52″ x 60″.

Thumbprint Cookie Jar

Thumbprint Cookie Jar

Class: Mrs. Smith
Coordinator: Mrs. Smith

This adorable ceramic lidded cookie jar is decorated with Mrs. Smith’s students’ first names made from their thumb prints around painted chocolate chip cookies. Every time the family gets a treat from this jar, they’ll remember good times with Mrs. Smith’s talented class!

Beautiful Lupine Original Art

Beautiful Lupine Original Art

Class: Mrs. Ricard
Coordinator: Kirstin Duey

Gorgeous colors of gold, deep red and blue come together to create a unique framed print of lupine flowers … look closely and you’ll see that Mrs. Ricard’s students used their thumbprints to create the details of each flower! This original art is framed in a stained wood frame with deep gold matte and comes with five sets of 5 notecards, each featuring the same lupine image on the front.

Check back in a couple of days for more photos of class projects!
— The Auction Team


Class Project Spotlight March 2, 2009

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Only 26 days until the Auction! Today we’re going live with photos and information about some of our newly completed class projects. I have to say, the class projects are absolutely phenomenal this year.  The parents and teachers who worked with the kids to create these original pieces were truly inspired! A big thanks to Betsy Balmat for keeping everyone organized and on track.

All class projects (with the exception of two that we moved to the Live Auction) will be available for bidding on PREVIEW DAY on Friday, March 20, in the MUR — 2:45-6:00 p.m.

Check back often this week. We’ll be posting more photos as the week progresses. Enjoy!

Handpainted Adirondack chair with cushion

Hand painted Adirondack chair with cushion

Class: Mrs. Tornheim
Project coordinator: Kim Brunelle
Kim hand painted and lacquered this beautiful fire-engine red Adirondack chair, with the green garden design hand painted by the kids in Room 5. The chair comes with the seat cushion shown in the photos, as well as (not shown) a grapevine and flower wreath, hand painted gourd bird feeder, and a bird watching book. Bring this home on Auction night to create your own backyard nook for relaxing!

Shadow boxes with student-made origami

Shadow boxes with student-made origami

Class: Mrs. Risken
Project coordinators: Gaby Avina & Rosa Delgman

Four sleek, black shadow boxes hold sets of hand made origami created by the students in Mrs. Risken’s class.  The smaller shadow box features origami animals that comprise the animal zodiac of the Chinese New Year. These items will be auctioned off separately.

Colorful wooden heart puzzle

Colorful wooden heart art

Class: Dr. Ogden
Project coordinators: Sue Carpenter & Betsy Balmat

This cool and funky heart art reflects the individual talents of the top-notch artists in Dr. Ogden’s first-grade class. Each student took one piece of the puzzle home to paint as they wanted. Put together, it’s a great original work of art — perfect for your child’s room or a colorful playroom — that will brighten your home.

Leaf art wood/glass tray and matching glass coaster set

Leaf art wood/glass tray and matching glass coaster set

Framed kaleidoscope leaf-art

Framed kaleidoscope leaf-art

Class: Ms. Klaas
Project coordinator: Susan Petersen

This is one of our favorite class projects this year. Rosa Yokoyama coordinated this stunningly beautiful photographic art project for Ms. Klaas’s class.

This item will be available for bidding in 5 units: tray & coaster (shown left), and four different multiple-frame sets of photographic leaf art (two are shown above).

Each one-of-a-kind photo in these sets looks like you’re gazing through a kaleidoscope and has beautiful shades of greens, white and yellows.


Donation of the Day: Trish Lowry Pottery February 24, 2009

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Super-talented Sequoia mom Trish Lowry has once again donated several beautiful pottery pieces from her collection of handmade and fired creations. This year, you’ll have the chance to bid on an unglazed, beach-fired vase and an adorable prosperity pot. Also up for bid is this beautiful glazed blue bowl (shown below) with an earthy, one-of-a-kind finish in shades of slate and cobalt blue and seafoam green. It is 11″ wide and 4.5″ tall, and would be a great gift for someone special … although if you’re the winning bidder it will be hard to part with!

Blue glazed bowl made by Trish LowryBlue glazed bowl made by Trish Lowry
The inside bottom is a deep cobalt blue ... beautiful!

The inside bottom is a deep cobalt blue ... beautiful!


Donation of the Day: Mayor for a Day! February 17, 2009

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We have a fantastic donation that’s perfect for the little aspiring politician in your family: Mayor for a Day!  Pleasant Hill Mayor Michael Harris has generously donated this to our Live Auction, and will join us that night to help auction off his donation.

Your lucky little boy or girl will start the day with a behind-the-scenes private tour of City Hall and a photograph with Mayor Harris and your entire family.  After reviewing the City Council agenda, the Mayor for a Day will help call the meeting to order, do roll call, and help run the first 30 minutes of the televised meeting. The winning bidder’s little mayor will also be treated to dinner (for up to 4 people) with Mayor Harris in Pleasant Hill, and will get to take home lots of cool City of PH swag (T-shirt, baseball hat), along with a certificate commemorating this special day and a DVD of the city council meeting.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind donation … it will be a day your child will always remember!


Donation of the day: Private tour of Pixar February 11, 2009

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One of our coolest donations last year was a private tour of Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville with one of their senior animators. Carl and Wenlan Ng won this tour last year in the live auction, and Wenlan had this to say about the experience:

“It was a very exciting experience for us.  We were “the visitors from the outside.” Bob was a great tour guide. Kids got to see the Pixar complex and were amazed by the whole environment.  They got to see lots of displays of different movies Pixar put out, some are a work in progress, ideas and original storyboards/art work.  I think they were inspired about the prospect to work at somewhere that could be fun!”

We’re excited to announce that Pixar has once again donated a private tour for four this year, including lunch in their Luxo Cafe! You and your family will tour Pixar with Bob Whitehill, who is now Pixar’s stereographer (that’s industry lingo for “head of 3D animation”). Bob will show you original character and scene concepts for films like Wall-E and Cars, as well as the fabulous Pixar in-house movie theater and art gallery. It’s a wonderful tour for the whole family.

This donation will be up for bid as part of our Live Auction on Saturday, March 28 … don’t let it get away! Check out the Ngs’ photos from their tour: