2009 Sequoia Auction

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More class projects March 9, 2009

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Golden Gate Bridge painting by Mrs. Feinberg's brother, Sam Frankel, and her 2nd grade class

Golden Gate Bridge painting by Mrs. Feinberg's brother, Sam Frankel, and her 2nd grade class

Class: Mrs. Feinberg
Coordinator: Mrs. Feinberg and Sam Frankel

Every year, Mrs. Feinberg’s brother, Sam Frankel, leads a group painting session with her first grade class, and the results are always a huge hit at the Auction. This year’s project features the Golden Gate Bridge and is beautiful enough to hang in your living room. The acrylic painting was designed and created under the direction of Sam,who says the students “followed the flow” to paint this one-of-a-kind piece. As you can see, the results are just fantastic!   Please note: this item will be part of the Live Auction.

Colorful Self-Portrait Quilt

Colorful Self-Portrait Quilt by Mrs. Kehr's 3rd grade class

Class: Mrs. Kehr
Coordinators:  Eva King & Janis Baldwin

This beautiful handmade quilt features a self portraits by each child in Mrs. Kehr’s class. The pinwheel design is highlighted by reds, browns, yellows and greens, and the entire quilt is bordered in a bright turquoise blue. This gorgeous labor of love was put together by Mrs. Kehr’s students, and Eva King and Janis Baldwin, and measures 52″ x 60″.

Thumbprint Cookie Jar

Thumbprint Cookie Jar

Class: Mrs. Smith
Coordinator: Mrs. Smith

This adorable ceramic lidded cookie jar is decorated with Mrs. Smith’s students’ first names made from their thumb prints around painted chocolate chip cookies. Every time the family gets a treat from this jar, they’ll remember good times with Mrs. Smith’s talented class!

Beautiful Lupine Original Art

Beautiful Lupine Original Art

Class: Mrs. Ricard
Coordinator: Kirstin Duey

Gorgeous colors of gold, deep red and blue come together to create a unique framed print of lupine flowers … look closely and you’ll see that Mrs. Ricard’s students used their thumbprints to create the details of each flower! This original art is framed in a stained wood frame with deep gold matte and comes with five sets of 5 notecards, each featuring the same lupine image on the front.

Check back in a couple of days for more photos of class projects!
— The Auction Team


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