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Class Project Spotlight March 2, 2009

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Only 26 days until the Auction! Today we’re going live with photos and information about some of our newly completed class projects. I have to say, the class projects are absolutely phenomenal this year.  The parents and teachers who worked with the kids to create these original pieces were truly inspired! A big thanks to Betsy Balmat for keeping everyone organized and on track.

All class projects (with the exception of two that we moved to the Live Auction) will be available for bidding on PREVIEW DAY on Friday, March 20, in the MUR — 2:45-6:00 p.m.

Check back often this week. We’ll be posting more photos as the week progresses. Enjoy!

Handpainted Adirondack chair with cushion

Hand painted Adirondack chair with cushion

Class: Mrs. Tornheim
Project coordinator: Kim Brunelle
Kim hand painted and lacquered this beautiful fire-engine red Adirondack chair, with the green garden design hand painted by the kids in Room 5. The chair comes with the seat cushion shown in the photos, as well as (not shown) a grapevine and flower wreath, hand painted gourd bird feeder, and a bird watching book. Bring this home on Auction night to create your own backyard nook for relaxing!

Shadow boxes with student-made origami

Shadow boxes with student-made origami

Class: Mrs. Risken
Project coordinators: Gaby Avina & Rosa Delgman

Four sleek, black shadow boxes hold sets of hand made origami created by the students in Mrs. Risken’s class.  The smaller shadow box features origami animals that comprise the animal zodiac of the Chinese New Year. These items will be auctioned off separately.

Colorful wooden heart puzzle

Colorful wooden heart art

Class: Dr. Ogden
Project coordinators: Sue Carpenter & Betsy Balmat

This cool and funky heart art reflects the individual talents of the top-notch artists in Dr. Ogden’s first-grade class. Each student took one piece of the puzzle home to paint as they wanted. Put together, it’s a great original work of art — perfect for your child’s room or a colorful playroom — that will brighten your home.

Leaf art wood/glass tray and matching glass coaster set

Leaf art wood/glass tray and matching glass coaster set

Framed kaleidoscope leaf-art

Framed kaleidoscope leaf-art

Class: Ms. Klaas
Project coordinator: Susan Petersen

This is one of our favorite class projects this year. Rosa Yokoyama coordinated this stunningly beautiful photographic art project for Ms. Klaas’s class.

This item will be available for bidding in 5 units: tray & coaster (shown left), and four different multiple-frame sets of photographic leaf art (two are shown above).

Each one-of-a-kind photo in these sets looks like you’re gazing through a kaleidoscope and has beautiful shades of greens, white and yellows.