2009 Sequoia Auction

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Donation of the day: Private tour of Pixar February 11, 2009

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One of our coolest donations last year was a private tour of Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville with one of their senior animators. Carl and Wenlan Ng won this tour last year in the live auction, and Wenlan had this to say about the experience:

“It was a very exciting experience for us.  We were “the visitors from the outside.” Bob was a great tour guide. Kids got to see the Pixar complex and were amazed by the whole environment.  They got to see lots of displays of different movies Pixar put out, some are a work in progress, ideas and original storyboards/art work.  I think they were inspired about the prospect to work at somewhere that could be fun!”

We’re excited to announce that Pixar has once again donated a private tour for four this year, including lunch in their Luxo Cafe! You and your family will tour Pixar with Bob Whitehill, who is now Pixar’s stereographer (that’s industry lingo for “head of 3D animation”). Bob will show you original character and scene concepts for films like Wall-E and Cars, as well as the fabulous Pixar in-house movie theater and art gallery. It’s a wonderful tour for the whole family.

This donation will be up for bid as part of our Live Auction on Saturday, March 28 … don’t let it get away! Check out the Ngs’ photos from their tour: