2009 Sequoia Auction

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Donate Wine Tomorrow!! January 29, 2009

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Our Wine Donation Station #2 is Friday, Jan. 30 … drive by the corner of Liahona Ct. & Boyd Rd. just a few steps from campus, and drop off a bottle (or more) of any variety of wine you have on-hand: red, white, rose, champagne, etc.
We’re building an “instant wine cellar” that will be raffled off on Auction night.

Times: 8-8:30 a.m. AND again from 2:30-3:00.

Thanks for your support!


See the show and meet Jimmy Kimmel! January 28, 2009

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Meet Jimmy Kimmel in Los Angeles!

Meet Jimmy Kimmel in Los Angeles!

At this year’s Auction, you’ll have a chance to bid on two tickets to see Jimmy Kimmel Live! at the ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live Studio, right in the heart of Hollywood … PLUS you’ll get to meet Jimmy after the show, and bring home some cool show swag!  Check back here soon for more details about this fantastic, one-of-a-kind live-auction item …


This week’s updates … from the Auction Team January 26, 2009

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IN TODAY’S BLOG: another Wine Donation Station scheduled for this Friday, Jan. 30 … how and when to donate … auction survey … how to buy your tickets … photos from last year’s auction

Wine Donation Station #2 — this Friday, Jan. 30

We’re trying it again, folks! A wet and dreary day made for a less-than-spectacular turnout for last Friday’s donation station, so we’re setting it up again this Friday. Same location: the corner of Liahona Ct. and Boyd Rd. just past the creek and adjacent to campus.

Here’s what we would like donated: wine (no boxed or jug wines, please … or two-buck Chuck, either) of any variety — chardonnay, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, etc.  We’ll also gladly accept champagne, dessert wine, port and anything else you have on hand. We’re building an “instant wine cellar” that will be raffled off on Auction night.

We would also like your unused gift cards and any other donations you have — bring ’em by!

Many thanks to the parents who dropped their donations by last Friday: Ursula Hawe, Laurie Taul, Adam Warda, Karen Gottschalk, Dick Barkelew, Elisabeth Lucio, Heather Gowdy, Cathy Chang, and Jill Newquist.

Donations, donations, donations

Please donate now to avoid a begging phone call from our donations team! We’ve put out lots of info about what makes a good donation — check the Auction newsletter that went home in backpacks last week if you’re unsure. Or call us to chat about it — we’re always available. Also, some parents have asked if they can only donate on the days we hold a Donation Station … we are accepting donations anytime, anywhere.

Julie, our donations guru

Julie, our donations guru



In fact, here I am … if you see me around campus, I’m happy to take it. Oh, and here’s Julie Hood, too – she’ll take your donations as well.


Thanks to all you busy parents who took time to respond to our Auction survey. Results are helping us get the donations you are most interested in. If you haven’t taken it yet, you can still do so; copy and paste this into your browser:


Buy your tickets today!

Get ’em now while we still have tickets available … the price is $60 per person, available by calling Susan Nelson at 229-9693. You can also write a check and remit to the red Auction folder in the school office — we’ll contact you later about your meal selection for the evening. Thanks!

Here’s what you have to look forward to …

Check out these photos from last year’s Auction. It was a really fun evening, and all proceeds went right back to Sequoia to buy classroom supplies, books, and help support SPA programs such as field trips, art appreciation, classroom grants and much more.

Check back soon for photos of new donations we’re getting in …  Enjoy!

Karen Booth

The main ballroom, all dressed up and waiting for Sequoia supporters to arrive

2008 Auction: The main ballroom, all dressed up and waiting for Sequoia supporters to arrive

A donation from Tiffany's

2008 Auction: A donation from Tiffany's

Painting from Mrs. Feinberg's Class

2008 Auction: Painting from Mrs. Feinberg's Class

Basket of fine wines

2008 Auction: Basket of fine wines

After the bidding and dinner wrapped up, there was plenty of dancing into the night …

Mrs. Matteoni on the dance floor

2008 Auction: Mrs. Matteoni on the dance floor

Sequoia moms Tracy, Janis and Gaby out for a night of fun

2009 Auction: Sequoia moms Tracy, Janis and Gaby out for a night of fun

Dancing the night away ...

2008 Auction: Dancing the night away ...


Hello, Sequoia friends and families! January 12, 2009

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Welcome to the new 2009 Auction Blog! We created this blog for Sequoia families, faculty, friends and supporters, with quick updates on the latest auction news, photos of cool donations we’ve received, donation and volunteer help we need, and all the auction buzz from now until MARCH 28 — Auction day!

Bookmark this site and visit often for the latest and greatest auction info. You can add your comments, ideas and suggestions to our blog anytime.

Mark your calendar today:

Saturday, March 28, 2009
5:30 p.m. until 12:00 midnight
Shadelands Art Center, Walnut Creek
Ticket price: $60 per person
Attire is semi-formal
Enjoy a gourmet dinner, dancing, fun with friends and a fantastic
silent auction and live auction to benefit our school

Check back soon for updates … and thanks for your support!
— The Auction Team